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At CropCircle we facilitate workflows in Parasolids, Surfaces, Voxels, and Polygons including brush based modeling. If you can think it, we can build it.

Reverse Engineering


Never again accept the answer, “You can’t get there from here.” CropCircle can untangle the alphabet soup of file extensions and take you from any data input to any file type for output. We specialize in highly organic parametric engineering models.



Rapid Prototyping


We can help define the technology that best suits your application, and manage 3 dimensional parts for rapid prototyping. We are partnered with local and international professionals that deliver state of the art parts on time, every time.





If your starting point is an idea, we at CropCircle can create the form and function your concept requires, then we can connect the aesthetic dots to help create an extremely compelling and viable product.



Concept Ideation


If all you have is money and you just want to turn that into more money, we can work with that too. The highly creative team at CropCircle is made up of a select few that do not suffer from the blank sheet of paper syndrome. Our concept library is available for partnering or licensing.

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